Bothenhampton Village


Present: Bob Dennis(Chair), Alan Stenning(Vice Chair), Pennie Jones, Colin Sparkes, & Elizabeth Welch -
In attendance: Chris Dobbs (Clerk).


49.1 - To remind Parish Councillors that if a matter arises at a Meeting which relates to an interest in Appendix A of the Code of Conduct adopted by resolution of B&WPC on Monday 9th July 2012, then the member shall not participate in a discussion or vote on the matter. Where a matter arises at the meeting which relates to Appendix B of the Code of Conduct, then the member shall withdraw from the Meeting. Where a matter arises at a meeting which relates to a financial interest of a friend, relative or close associate, the member concerned shall disclose the nature of the interest and withdraw from the meeting.


50.1 There were apologies from - Ed Hanson, David Stubbs, & Karl Wallace -


The Minutes of the previous Meeting of Bothenhampton and Walditch Parish Council held on Monday 10th September 2012 , were accepted as true records and duly signed by the Chairman.


52.1- May 2012 - 1 to 12, June - 13 to 24, July - 25 to 36, August - no Meeting, September - 37 to 48, October - 49 to 60, November - 61 to 72, December - no Meeting, January 2013 - 73 to 84, February 2013 -85 to 96, March 2013 - 97 to 108, & April 2013 - 109 to 120. This is following the advice of the Internal Auditor, and creates a unique set of Minutes for each month in the year.


At 7.10 p.m. the Meeting was adjourned to enable members of the public to air their view on matters of local interest. At 7.20 p.m. the Meeting re-convened to complete the Council's agenda, there being no further matters raised.

n.b. - There was 1 member of the public present at the Meeting -


David Tett - gave Apologies for last Meeting and presented the following Report : -

1. Council Tax Support Schemes :

The National system of Council Tax Benefit will, as from April 2013, be replaced with localized Council Tax Support, administered by District and Borough Councils. Central Government will be giving ten per cent less funding than the current national system.

The District Council(with all of Dorset Councils), has been working to come up with a local scheme which maintains support for the most vunerable including pensioners, but working with less Government funding.

The draft scheme proposes that most working age residents who qualify for Council Tax support will be required to pay minimum contribution to their Council Tax.

A consultation is taking place across the County and residents have until 5th November to give their views on the draft scheme. The District Council is writing to everyone of working age currently receiving Council Tax Benefit.

By transferring responsibility to Local Council, the Government has given a real challenge to the District Council to deliver a suitable scheme while reducing its funding by ten per cent.

In essence, the Localised Council Tax Support Scheme will provide that all Council Tax Benefit claimants of working age, excluding the most vulnerable, will have to pay something towards their Council Tax. This is in line with the Government's aim to encourage unemployed people back into work and make work pay.

A final decision on the Council Tax Support Scheme will be made by 31st January 2013.

The number of people currently receiving Council Tax Benefit in West Dorset is 7,449.

2. Land at Wanderwell Quarry and Jellyfields, Bothenhampton & Walditch :

The District Council has now resolved that these Lands should be transferred to the Dorset County Council Rangers Service.


Mark Roberts - commented that happenings in WDDC had recently been reduced as many staff had annual leave after the Olympics, and that senior staff were aware and efforts are being made to ' get things going' in the near future.

Consideration of the WDDC Local Plan is ongoing with a 1000+ queries. At the time of the Meeting, there was still detail to be resolved regarding Phase 2 of the Charles Street development. The selling of Stratton House brought about some questioning from the PC, and Mark re assured colleagues that none of the capital for the new Council Offices would come out of Council Tax. Walks around the almost completed new Council Offices were in the process of being arranged.


Ron Coatsworth - commented on the development of the new Library and Adult Education Centre, and that DCC would share reception facilities with WDDC. Funding for DCC Library will be in the form of lease/mortgage to WDDC.

Ron outlined threats by Bus Company to reduce and take off many local services, including the X53 and 31 routes. This problem is ongoing and is being resisted where possible by DCC. Parish Councils are likely to affected by possible Government capping of Precept, although decisions have yet to be made.

DCC have recently received an award for management of winter maintenance and street lighting.

57.* PLANNING AGENDA for B&WPC Meeting - Monday 8th October 2012

a) Applications received from WDDC/DDC -

1/D/12/001189 - 3 Hyde Cottages, Walditch - Demolish existing single storey extension. Form pitched hipped roof over existing store building. Erect rear extension with both single and two storey elements. Install2/No Conservation to roof lights to north east elevation. Demolish existing dwarf garden wall. Adjust existing door into new bathroom formed at first floor - Alan Stenning was given authority to consider Corporate View at September Meeting - Action - Corporate View of the PC is to recommend Approval of Planning Consent.

1/D/12/001288 - Land Marrowbone Lane, Bothenhampton - Erection of agricultural shed & associated landscaping(amended scheme) - to Pennie Jones - Action - Corporate View of the PC is to recommend an Objection to the Planning Application for the reasons as listed in B&WPC Comments.

1/D/12/001356 - 25 Crock Lane - Remove porch to side of property and replace with a conservatory and utility porch & single storey extension - to Meeting 8/10/12 - Action - Corporate View of the PC is to recommend Approval of Planning Consent.

1/D/12/001359 - Hillside, 3 Crock Lane - Extend time limit for implementation of P.P. 1/D/09/ 000487 - 2 bungalows and modify access(outline) - to Meeting 8/10/12 - Action - Corporate view of the PC is to recommend Approval of Planning Consent.

1/D/12/001346 - 24 Valley Road - Erect single storey extension and carry out alterations - to Meeting 8/10/12 - Action - Corporate View of the PC is to recommend Approval of Planning Consent.

b) Decisions by WDDC/DCC etc.

1/D/00267 - Stoneleigh, Walditch - Construction of natural wildlife pond - Withdrawn -

1/D/12/001756 - 24 Valley Road - Demolish single garage & erect double garage - approved with condition No. 4 -

1/D/12/000834 - 1 Lake Lane, Bridport - single storey extension - Refusal of Planning Permission -

1/D/12/ 000783 - 4 Nordons, Bothenhampton - Approval of Planning Permission -

58. FINANCE - for B&WPC Meeting - Monday 8th October 2012

Receipts - Precept - September 2012 - 12235.50

i) Statement 231 of Current Account as at 30 September 2012 20886.85

ii) Accounts for Payment

Less outstanding cheques as listed :


1252 Forest & Tree Care - work on Horse Chestnut, Walditch 48.00 *

1253 Bridport Town Council - Area Lengthsman 900.00 *

1254 Clerk's Expenses - C.T.Dobbs 57.45 *

1255 Clerk's September 2012 Salary - C.T.Dobbs 379.08

1256 HMRC - Payments for Aug/Sept/October 2012 284.31

1257 Office Accommodation - C.T.Dobbs 97.50

" VAT included *

Total 1766.34

Balance 19120.51 Proposed for payment by Colin Sparkes, seconded by Elizabeth Welch, and carried by all Parish Councillors present.

59. * PARISH MATTERS - for B&WPC Meeting - Monday 8th October 2012 .

- n.b. All items to be introduced by Clerk unless specified on Agenda -

59.1 - Annual Review of Risk Assessment( Elizabeth Welch - lead Parish Councillor) - to be carried out by the October 2012 Meeting - Action - Review of Risk Assessment Approved at the Meeting, and noted that monitoring and any revision should be considered at the April 2013 Meeting -

59.2 - The new Register of Members Interests document - Action - Registration of interests documents have still to be collected from David Stubbs, Karl Wallace, & Ed Hanson -

59.3 - Walditch - John Gundry Play Area maintenance needs - Action - David Landscapes quote of 225 was accepted and the Clerk instructed to monitor work progress -

59.4 - Audit for Year ended 31 March 2012 - Action - consideration that 'fixed assets were undervalued' - Clerk to seek advice and report to next Meeting - Action - Grit Bins purchased in 2010/11 had not been listed as a fixed asset - (1877.20) -

59.5 - Lengthsman's duties for October 2012 -

Bothenhampton - to include - Hollow Way Footpath -

1. Weed killer to be applied to path surface -
2. Trimming back areas that were missed by the DCC machine last week -

Walditch - to include -
1. Cut back hedge and vegetation at blind spot adjacent to the Real Tennis Corner in Walditch Road -
2. Spinners Lane - clear gully and strim path area -
At June Meeting, pointed out the deterioration of Notice Boards in Walditch Road, Pasture Way & Burton Road - Action - Estimates presented by Colin Sparkes to PC - further consideration to be made at October Meeting to include feasibility of present sites - Action - Further consideration to be made at November Meeting - 59.6 - Progress of High Pavement - Action - Clerk's Update for October 2012 - Pavement almost complete and DCC works are planning on resurfacing by 5th November 2012 - Compound to be dismantled and restored to Play Area -

59.7 - Sycamore Avenue, Walditch - No Action at this Meeting -

59.8 - DAPTC Evaluation - suggest to be on the Agenda for October -No Action taken -

59.9 - Town & Parish Precepts for 2013/2014 - Clerk to update - Action - Clerk requested Finance meeting to consider outline Budget & Precept proposals - Bob Dennis & Elizabeth Welch agreed to meet with Clerk at Holy Trinity, Bothenhampton on Tuesday 23rd October at 5 pm -

59.10 - Sarah Butcher has decided to resign as of this Meeting date - Action - PC advised of decision and requested to seek a replacement for the Bothenhampton Ward -

59.12 - Dave Capewell of Ab Antiquo had expressed concern to the Chair re vehicles damaging the thatched porch of his Grade 11 home situated at the narrowest point of Main Street - wished to discuss implications of extending parking restrictions - Action - Dave Capewell had agreed to contact DCC Highways re options, and the matter to brought to the next Meeting in November 2012 -

Proposals for the Parish Matters Agenda of the November 2012 Meeting -

Budget/Precept 2013/2014 to be debated -

Notice Boards to be discussed -

Remarking of white lines in Crock Lane -

60. CORRESPONDENCE - to be tabled at Meeting.

N.B. All correspondence is available from Clerk unless assigned to a Parish Councillor as listed.

60.1 - Election of a Police & Crime Commissioner for the Dorset Police Authority -

60.2 - Axe Valley and West Dorset Ring and Ride Service Ltd -

60.3 - Housing Strategy Seminar Workshops -

The next Meeting of Bothenhampton & Walditch Parish Council will be held at BOTHENHAMPTON VILLAGE HALL on MONDAY 12 NOVEMBER 2012, commencing at 7 pm.

There being no further business to discuss, the Meeting closed at 8.25 p.m.


Monday 8 October 2012 -

Roger Ffooks mentioned that he noted the recent work to the banks in Hollow Way, and was concerned that such few cuts had taken place during the growing season throughout 2012. He also expressed a concern that only a 2 metre cut had been applied to both banks.

In 2005, Bothenhampton Residents Association had a considerable amount of correspondence with DCC re the level and frequency of cuts. The Clerk has agreed to make written representation to DCC in order to re - establish the 2005 agreement before the next cutting season starts in 2013.