Bothenhampton Village

Member of Parliament

Oliver has represented West Dorset since 1997. He almost doubled his majority at the 2010 election. His political interests include agriculture, European community affairs, education, international affairs and international development, social security, trade and industry, and he is the chairman of the Policy Review and of the Conservative Research Department. Oliver is involved with numerous charities, including the the Social Mobility Foundation (of which he is a trustee and former chairman).

Oliver is the Minister in the Cabinet Office responsible for co-ordinating government policy. He attends meetings of the Cabinet and a large range of Cabinet committees and is responsible for working with his counterpart, Daniel Alexander, to ensure that the coalition government carries out its programme.

Oliver Letwin holds advice surgeries for constituents in various locations throughout West Dorset. To find out full details of the surgeries and to make an appointment, please contact Mrs Angela Charles at or on 01308 456891. In order that Oliver Letwin takes up the cases only of those who are constituents (a strict Parliamentary convention), please give your name and full postal address.

You can also write to Oliver:
Rt Hon Oliver Letwin MP, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA

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