Bothenhampton Village


Present: Bob Dennis(Chair), Ian Bark, Ed Hanson, Pennie Jones, & Colin Sparkes.
In attendance: Chris Dobbs (Clerk).


61.1 - To remind Parish Councillors that if a matter arises at a Meeting which relates to an interest in Appendix A of the Code of Conduct adopted by resolution of B&WPC on Monday 9th July 2012, then the member shall not participate in a discussion or vote on the matter. Where a matter arises at the meeting which relates to Appendix B of the Code of Conduct, then the member shall withdraw from the Meeting. Where a matter arises at a meeting which relates to a financial interest of friend, relative or close associate, the member concerned shall disclose the nature of the interest and withdraw from the meeting.



The Minutes of the previous Meeting of Bothenhampton and Walditch Parish Council held on Monday 13 October 2014, were accepted as true records and duly signed by the Chairman.


64.1- May 2014 - 1 to 12, June - 13 to 24, July - 25 to 36, August - no Meeting, September - 37 to 48, October - 49 to 60, November - 61 to 72, December - no Meeting, January 2015 - 73 to 84, February 2015 -85 to 96, March 2015 - 97 to 108, & April 2015 - 109 to 120. This is following the advice of the Internal Auditor, and creates a unique set of Minutes for each month in the year.


At 7.05 p.m. the Meeting was adjourned to enable members of the public to air their view on matters of local interest. At 7.15 p.m. the Meeting re-convened to complete the Council's agenda, there being no further matters raised.

n.b. - There were 3 members of the public present at the Meeting.


David Tett - Local Election Costs : I reported at the October Meeting that the District Council would first consult Town & Parish Councils over a policy change and to recharge these costs to Town and Parishes before coming to a decision.

This it will not now be doing. However, the District Council will be consulting Town and Parish Councils on the options for payment of these Local Election costs : and the policy change will not take effect until 2019.

Tri Partnership Agreement : The West Dorset District Council, The Weymouth and Portland Borough Council, and The North Dorset District Council have now agreed to join forces and enter into a Tri Partnership Service Agreement, and this arrangement will be the first of its kind in the Country. By 2020, it is envisaged savings of 6 million will be achieved.

Local Plan : An examination of the Plan starts on Tuesday, the 25th November. You are probably aware that the campaign group Avearse is to petition against the numbers of dwellings at Vearse Farm : and I'm given to understand that the group has a significant number of signatures to trigger a debate.


Mark Roberts - was not in attendance to give a Report -


Ron Coatsworth - Dorset Fire Service to amalgamate with Wiltshire Fire Service. There is not likely to be an increase in Council Tax when the amalgamation takes place.

He described that DCC operatives would assist older people with resiting bins for collection upon request.

Ron was requested by Chris Dobbs to arrange for a site visit by Head of Waste Management Services, Steve Burdis, to make a detailed assessment of Main Street collections from Summer 2015.

69.* PLANNING AGENDA for B&WPC Meeting - Monday 10 November 2014 .

a) Applications received from WDDC/DDC -

b) Decisions by WDDC/DCC etc

WD/CA/00326 - The Old Dairy House, Walditch - tree work as authorized

70. FINANCE AGENDA - B&WPC MEETING - Monday 10 November 2014.

Receipts - Business Reserve A/C - 0.62p

i) Statement of Current Account as at 31 October 2014 - 19930.37

ii) Accounts for Payment

Less outstanding cheques as listed :-


1388 - St. Mary's Churchyard, Walditch - 1170.00

1389 - DAPTC - Planning Training for Colin Sparkes - 50.00

1390 - Black & White IT Ltd - 90.00

1391 - Inland Revenue - Post Office Ltd - 18.93

1392 - C T Dobbs - Clerk's October Salary - 404.33

Total 1733.26

Balance 18197.11

Cheques as listed proposed for payment by Pennie Jones, seconded by Ed Hanson, , and carried by all Parish Councillors present.

71. * PARISH MATTERS - for B&WPC Meeting - Monday 10 November 2014.

- n.b. All items to be introduced by Clerk unless specified on Agenda -

71.1 - Budget Setting 2015/16 - to Approve Precept for 2015/16

Action at November Meeting - PC Approved Precept for 2015/16 to be a total of 24098(including Local Council Tax Support Grant of 1082).

71.2 - Ab Antiquo - to consider solutions to problem of Ab Antiquo porch being hit

Action at June Meeting - Ian Bark suggested that DCC should be requested to acknowledge the receipt of the letter - Clerk to Action -

Action at July Meeting - Clerk read e mail reply from Richard Stubbs, Technical Officer, DCC - ' Further to your e mail I can confirm that the e mail from the Parish Council dated 14 May 2014 has been received and it's contents noted '. There was no further discussion regarding the matter at the Meeting, as the proposals regarding porch strengthening and the placement of bollards on Ab Antiquo land had been fully documented & supported by the PC in the 14 May e mail.

Action at October Meeting - No Action

Action at November Meeting - Clerk requested to enquire with DCC about progress re proposals supported by PC -

71.3 - Estimates for Cedar Tree at Valley View Amenity site Safety Report -

Action at July Meeting - PC considered that estimates were too high, and asked the Clerk to consult further with Graham Cox, Senior Tree Officer WDDC.

Action at October Meeting - Clerk described to Meeting that DCC had indicated that a survey could be possible, but have not yet made any arrangements.

Action at November Meeting - No Action to report -

71.4 - Lengthsman's duties for November 2014 -

Bothenhampton - Clear Harrison Way, & drains at the bottom of Hollow Way

Walditch - Clear Grips in Walditch Road, and clear drian area half way up the hill

71.5 - Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan - Update to Meeting -

Action at June Meeting - Colin Sparkes and Chris Dobbs attended a Working Group Meeting on Friday 6 June at Mountfield. The next meeting has been arranged for Friday 4 July - Ian Bark and Colin Sparkes have agreed to attend.

Action at July Meeting - PC agreed to earmark 500 to Bridport Area Neighbourhood Plan, with a further 500 to follow, and also agreed the Outline Decision Making Structure * for the Plan. Walditch resident, David Hill, has indicated an interest in being a local volunteer and is to be invited to attend the next PC Meeting on Monday 15 September 2014.

* The proposed structure would see a joint committee of participating councils with delegated authority to take executive decisions in relation to the Plan - budget etc. with a Steering Group(comprising community representatives), responsible for day to day delivery of the Plan(reporting to the Joint Committee). The Plan would be community- led, through the Steering Group but the Joint Committee would monitor the project implementation.

Action at October Meeting -next Meeting for Working Group(Chris Dobbs & Ian Bark), on Monday 27 October -

Action at November Meeting - Clerk & Ian Bark reported on success of recent drop in meeting at the Town Hall re the Area Neighbourhood Plan. Plans are going ahead to form a Steering Group before Christmas.

71.6 - Review of cover arrangements for Clerk -

Action at June Meeting - Ian Bark agreed to shadow Clerk, and a meeting has been arranged for Monday 7 July at 10.00 at 6 Sunnyside -

Action at July Meeting - Ian commented on his two hour visit where Chris had outlined to him the preparation processes for this Meeting. He considered that while a complex process, he felt reasonably confident of being able to complete the work if necessary. A further shadowing exercise has been agreed for Monday 6 October from 10.30 to 12.30.

Action at October Meeting - Ian Bark attended Meeting and assisted Clerk in preparation of the Excel Cashbook document. Ian will attend Meeting with the Clerk on Monday 3 November, and has requested that Planning Procedures are explained.

Action at November Meeting - Ian reported on the Planning procedures in place, and how they were managed at PC level. His next meeting with the Clerk has been arranged for Monday 5 January 2015, as there is no Parish Meeting in December.

71.7 - Off centre Mini Roundabout in Walditch Road - Site Meeting recommended -

Action at July Meeting - Clerk outlined site meeting date with DCC Highways Officers Sue Sadler & Richard Stubbs, of Thursday 31 July at 10.00. Alan Stenning & Ian Bark agreed to attend.

Action at October Meeting - No Action - for next Meeting -

Action at November Meeting - DCC to be further approached regarding proposed alteration of the site.

71.8 - Parish Computer - Clerk to update -

Action at July Meeting - Clerk appreciated that the PC agreed for the purchase of a new Parish Computer, but felt that further research should be carried out before going ahead.

Action at October Meeting - Clerk has ordered Computer(see Finance File), and arranged for transfer of data before the November Meeting.

Action at November Meeting - Clerk reported that new computer had been purchased and was on site and in limited use. Unfortunately, the Office program purchased did not include Microsoft Outlook, which is essential to ensure a compatible e mail package. Clerk was given permission to purchase Microsoft Office by the next Meeting.

71.9 - Play Area Inspection Reports -

Action at July Meeting - Clerk outlined that Inspection Reports for John Holt & John Gundry Play Areas had been completed in May 2014, and that some maintenance work had been recommended for both sites. He recommended that Reports may need further scrutiny by the September Meeting.

Action at October Meeting -No Action - to arrange Meeting with Pennie Jones before November Meeting -

Action at November Meeting - Pennie was handed the Reports to enable maintenance and improvement schedules to be presented to the January Meeting.

71.10 - Elizabeth Welch delivered a letter of resignation from her position as a Parish Councillor, but agreed to hold the matter and attend the next Meeting on Monday 15 September. Elizabeth also indicated that she was interested in being involved in the Neighbourhood Plan.

Action at October Meeting - PC noted Elizabeth's absence, and Chair suggested letter of appreciation if resignation confirmed.

Action at November Meeting - Clerk to have a further talk with Elizabeth before acting on the letter of resignation.

71.11 - Planning query re Church Hayes Caravan & Boat Storage -

Action at October Meeting - Awaiting advice from Planning Enforcement Officer -

Action at November Meeting - The Meeting noted the letter from the Senior Enforcement Officer stating that the unauthorized caravan storage had ceased. Further advice is being sought regarding the considerable number of tyres on the site.

71.12 - DCC Footpath Maintenance -

Action at October Meeting - PC has agreed SLA plan in principle, but will make further consideration at November Meeting -

Action at November Meeting - Clerk to advise DCC Ranger, Ben Handley, of PC agreement to SLA Footpaths Plan -

71.13 - Boundary Commission Maps -

Action at October Meeting - maps & detail to Ian Bark -

Action at November Meeting - Maps & Detail now handed back to Clerk.

7.14 - DAPTC Newsletter - Ian Bark -

Action at November Meeting - No Action - to January Meeting -

Proposals for Parish Matters Agenda - January 2015 Meeting.

There were no proposals from the floor for the January Meeting -

Ed Hanson gave apologies for the January & February 2015 Meetings -

PC approved the Clerk's suggestion of annual Meeting and Agenda Notices for the five Parish Notice Boards.

72. CORRESPONDENCE - to be tabled at Meeting.

N.B. All correspondence is available from Clerk unless assigned to a Parish Councillor as listed.
72.1 - BT proposed public phone box removal - Walditch - Ed Hanson to give corporate view -
72.2 - Is your child 3 or 4 years old posters - to Pennie -
72.3 - Axe Valley & West Dorset Ring & Ride Service Ltd - Clerk to make further enquiries -
72.5 - CPRE Journals - to Pennie -

The next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held at BOTHENHAMPTON VILLAGE HALL, on MONDAY 12 January 2015, commencing at 7 pm.

There being no further business to discuss, the Meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.


Monday 10 November 2014 -

Two residents who live in Crock Lane, close to the turning to Bowhayes, are concerned that vehicles are turning in their drive when unable to pass in the narrow part of the road. They have suggested that the bank outside the next door properties is removed to give wider access to road users. It is suggested that MAGNA Housing may have ownership of the bank area. Chairman, Bob Dennis, suggested that a site meeting be set up with Highways and MAGNA to assess the feasibility of widening the road by removing the bank. It was pointed out that the bank may house some services which could prove costly to resite. Penny Maynard gave her mobile number to the Clerk, and requested that she be contacted when the meeting was set up. Also requested that Bowhayes junction Keep Clear road markings are repainted, as they are wearing away.

Geoff Matthews was present, and indicated that he would like to be co-opted as a Parish Councillor if there was a vacancy.