Bothenhampton Village


Present: Bob Dennis(Chair), Alan Stenning(Vice Chair), Debbie Jack, Colin Sparkes, & Elizabeth Welch.
In attendance: Chris Dobbs (Clerk).


13.1 - To remind Parish Councillors of the need to make a Declaration of Interest on any Agenda items where personal or prejudicial interest may arise. E.g. A Grant request for a Village Hall Project, or a Planning Application adjacent to a Parish Councillor's home.


14.1 There were apologies from - David Stubbs, Pennie Jones, Sarah Butcher, Karl Wallace.


The Minutes of the previous Meeting of Bothenhampton and Walditch Parish Council held on Monday 14 May 2012 , were accepted as true records and duly signed by the Chairman.


16.1- May 2012 - 1 to 12, June - 13 to 24, July - 25 to 36, August - 37 to 48, September - 49 to 60, October - 61 to 72 , November - 73 to 84, December - no Meeting, January 2013 - 85 to 96, February 2013 -97 to 108, March 2013 - 109 to 120, & April 2013 - 121 to 132. This is following the advice of the Internal Auditor, and creates a unique set of Minutes for each month in the year.


At 7.08 p.m. the Meeting was adjourned to enable members of the public to air their view on matters of local interest. At 7.20 p.m. the Meeting re-convened to complete the Council's agenda, there being no further matters raised.

n.b. - There were 4 members of the public present at the Meeting -


David Tett confirmed that Cllr. Gillian Summers has been reappointed Chairman of the District Council for the ensuing year, and Cllr. Robert Gould, Leader.

I can also confirm that the planning application relating to the South West Quadrant will be considered on Thursday, the 21st June, at the offices of the Dorset County Council, County Council, Dorchester at 2.15 p.m. At the time of this Report, the Planning Officer has yet to complete his Report and come to a view.

The draft Local Plan is now out for consultation. Drop-in sessions will be held throughout the District for residents and others to find out more of the proposals afoot. The drop-in session for Bridport will take place on Wednesday, the 20th June, at Mountfield between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The draft Local Plan sets out a long term planning strategy to meet future housing. Employment and leisure needs.

One has to the 27th July to make comments, following which it will be submitted to the Government. A Planning Inspector will then examine it in public in 2013. When approved, the Local Plan will set out how planning decisions are made until the year 2031.


Mark Roberts - nothing further to report other than emphasis the importance of the draft Local Plan


Ron Coatsworth - reported on the strange decision by DCC to provide a regular Mobile Library visit to the 9 areas where Community libraries had been set up. He mentioned that BBC FM radio was planned to be turned off in 2018, and DAB would be the only transmitted service from BBC. A limited BBC local Radio Dorset service was soon to be transmitted from Bincombe, Weymouth, from a studio situated in Dorchester.

21.* PLANNING AGENDA for B&WPC Meeting - Monday 11th June 2012

a) Applications received from WDDC/DDC -

1/D/12/000687 - 2 Valley Road, Gundry Road - First floor extension - Corporate View - Objection - not in keeping with the area & overdevelopment.

1/D/12/000301 - Cosy Cot, Main Street - Erection of a shed - Corporate View - Approval -

1/D/12/ 000667 - Knowle Cottage, Old Church Road - Erect extension and carry out alterations - Corporate View - Approval -

1/D/12/000457 - The Hyde Real Tennis Court - Remove existing west facing front door and replace with bespoke door - Corporate View - Approval -

1/D/12/000800 - Bridport Fire Station(Adjoining Parish) - Fire appliance garage incorporating side canopy & fence compound for secure storage of cars for road traffic crash training - Corporate View - Approval -

1/D/12/000763 - 15 North Hill Way - Single storey extension and occasional parking area - Corporate View - Approval -

1/D/12/000723 - Asker Meadow, Sea Road South( Adjoining Parish) - Provision of new bridge & cycle routes - to Meeting 11/6/12 - Action - Elizabeth given authority by PC to advise Clerk on Corporate View by 7/7/12 -

b) Decisions by WDDC/DCC etc.

1/D/12/000348 - 9 Maple Gardens - Approval -

1/D/12/000138 - 51 Burton Road - Withdrawn Application -

1/D/12/000270 - Hyde Farmhouse - Approval -

1/D/12/001911 - 8A East Road - Withdrawn Application -

1/D/12/000270 - Hyde Farmhouse - Amended Plan -

CA/12/00191 - The Old Rectory, Bothenhampton - fell 1 Sycamore tree - work may be carried out -

1/D/11/000282 - Barnfield, Walditch Road - Approval -

22. FINANCE - for B&WPC Meeting - Monday 11th June 2012

Receipts - Business Reserve A/C Interest - 0.61p il

i) Statement of Current Account as at 31 May 2012 14,602.04

ii) Accounts for Payment

Less outstanding cheques as listed :


1229 - C T Dobbs - Clerk's Salary - May 2012 - 379.08

1230 - C T Dobbs - Clerk's Expenses - March to May 2012 93.68

1231 - Bothenhampton Village hall - 12.00

1232 - DCC - Introduction to Excel Course - 60.00

1233 - Talk Talk Business - 195.98

1234 - David Landscapes - 548.60

Total 1289.34

Balance 13312.70

Proposed for payment by Elizabeth Welch , seconded by Colin Sparkes, and carried by all Parish Councillors present.

23. * PARISH MATTERS - for B&WPC Meeting - Monday 11th June 2012 .

- n.b. All items to be introduced by Clerk unless specified on Agenda -

23.1 - Annual Review of Risk Assessment, Standing Orders, & Financial Regulations Action - To appoint lead Parish Councillor for Reviews to take place at June 2012 Meeting - Action - Annual Review of Risk Assessment to Elizabeth, Standing Orders to Pennie, & Financial Regulations to Alan - All documents to be considered for Review at the June 2012 Meeting - Action - Parish Councillors considered that a readiness for presentation would be more suited for the July 2012 Meeting -

23.2 - Yellow - No Parking Box - Uplands - Walditch - Action - Clerk to contact DCC Highways - Action - The Meeting was advised that DCC Highways have indicated that nothing further can be done re parking restrictions at junction entrance - have suggested that Parish Council devise a 'Polite Notice' to place on incorrectly parked vehicles - Action - to consider at June 2012 Meeting - Action - View of PC that notices would be ignored - no further action at this time -

23.3 - Walditch - John Gundry Play Area maintenance needs - + motorbike concerns Action - Alan to lead - Suggests estimates for fence repair & Clerk instructed to obtain estimates - Site Meeting Thursday 14th June 2012 at 9 a.m. - Action - Clerk to obtain estimates for presentation to July 2012 Meeting -

23.4 - Annual Inspection of Play Areas Reports - Action - Reports with Pennie Jones who will discuss the recommended action with the WDDC Inspector - outcomes to April Meeting - Action - Pennie is progressing recommendations of both Play Area Reports - Action - seeking advice from BTC Surveyor - Update from Clerk - Action - Clerk understands that any maintenance work should be carried out in the next few weeks -

23.5 - Lengthsman's duties forJune 2012 - Action - Evaluation letter to Bridport Town Council - see notes - Action - Clerk to present Report on Lengthsman's services to the Meeting on Monday 9th July 2012.

Bothenhampton - to include - Cut grass around junction to Pasture Way/Maple gardens - Recognize that this is not strictly the task of Lengthsman - need to discuss with BTC

Walditch - to include - Spinners lane & clear drain area in Walditch Road near The Hyde.

Pointed out the deterioration of Notice Boards in Walditch Road, Pasture Way & Burton Road - Clerk to provide costs of replacement at July 2012 Meeting -

23.6 - Phone boxes in Bothenhampton & Walditch - to be painted by October 2012 -

23.7 - Progress of High Pavement - Action - Clerk's Update for June 2012 - Generally the project has been delayed by adverse weather, & the stone facing work is likely to start in the next couple of weeks.

23.8 - Application for Churchyard Grant - Action - a request to increase the Grant from its present level of 1000 was discussed but not agreed - 1000 Grant to be actioned at the July 2012 Meeting -

23.9 - Sycamore Avenue, Walditch - Action - no reply from enquiries to WDDC have been received by date of the Meeting -

23.10 - Queen's Diamond Jubilee - Grant Application - Action - Bothenhampton & Walditch Village Hall Committees requested to submit invoices for up to 100 each - Elizabeth commented on her appreciation of having the opportunity to attend the Civic Diamond Wedding Celebration Service at Wimborne Minster on Sunday 27th May 2012 -

23.11 - DAPTC Evaluation - Clerk's Update - Area Representatives - Action - Information on DAPTC given to Elizabeth for assessment - Area Representatives for next Meeting -

Proposals for the Parish Matters Agenda of the July 2012 Meeting -

There were no proposals listed for July meeting -

24. CORRESPONDENCE - to be tabled at Meeting.

N.B. All correspondence is available from Clerk unless assigned to a Parish Councillor as listed.
24.1 - Relate Information - to Pennie for Village Hall Notice Boards -
24.2 - Caring Matters - on File -
24.3 - Weymouth & Portland Borough Council Gambling Policy - no response given
24.4 - BLAP - Information noted by PC -
24.5 - WDDC Local Plan Response Form - Action - to be read by Colin, then passed on to Elizabeth -
24.6 - Consultation on appointment of External Auditor for 2012/13 - nop response made by PC -

The next Meeting of Bothenhampton & Walditch Parish Council will be held at BOTHENHAMPTON VILLAGE HALL on MONDAY 9 JULY 2012, commencing at 7 pm.

There being no further business to discuss, the Meeting closed at 8.30 p.m.


Monday 11 June 2012 -

Peter Dunn spoke about the Firch and Bonscombe Lane development, and indicated a dissatisfaction with the follow up by District and County Councillors. The Clerk pointed out that a report had been been given to the Parish Council at the May 2012 Meeting - see 4.2 of Matters Arising dated Monday 14th May 2012. i.e -

4.2 - Alterations to junction of Firch/Bonscombe Lanes - Mark Roberts commented that the alterations had been made with DCC advice although no Planning Application had been made. He understood that in the opinion of the Enforcement officer that further action was unlikely - Karl Wallace commented that the Marsh Orchids known to be in the area were likely to be lost because of the alterations to the terrain.

As the comments being made were considered to be rather personal towards members present, the Chairman requested that the matter be closed.

A Walditch resident was concerned that Drain Cleaning close to The Hyde, Walditch Road, has resulted in a seemingly increase in spoil on the bank. The Clerk indicated that he would ask the Lengthsman to try to clear the area.