Present: Geoff Matthews (Chairman), Colin Sparkes, David Stubbs, Peter Tobutt, & Audrey Pearson. In attendance: Chris Dobbs (Clerk).


Apologies were received from Bob Dennis, Elizabeth Welch & Karl Wallace.


The Minutes of the previous Meeting of Bothenhampton and Walditch Parish Council held on Monday 11th February 2008, were accepted as a true record of the Meeting and duly signed by the Chairman.


3.1 To remind Parish Councillors of the need to make a Declaration of Interest on any Agenda items where personal or prejudicial interest may arise. e.g. Grant request for Village Hall project, or a planning application adjacent to a Parish Councillors home.

3.2 Copy of letter from David Clarke, Chief Executive WDDC, concerning refusal of Parish Poll.


At 7.10 pm, the Meeting was adjourned to enable members of the public to air their view on matters of local interest. At 7.30 pm, the Meeting re-convened to complete the Council's agenda, there being no further matters raised.


David Tett gave March Report.

Applications are now being invited for a share in the 15,000.00 West Bay Sunday morning Car Boot Sales Fund. Whilst those organisations that were successful in last year's pay out are not prevented from making further Applications, those missing out last time round and applying for the first time, will be given priority.


Mark Roberts commented that tree problems in Walditch were well known and Dorset County Council will need to proceed within legal guidelines. Also mentioned WDDC Grants and changes in Planning System.


Budget settlement by Government has provided 4M for additional resources. This will continue for next three years. 700,000 of this year's settlement has been used to reduce the Council Tax from 4.9% to 4.5% for 2008/9, 2M is being placed in reserves, and 1.3M to Adult Services.

At recent Audit/Inspection of DCC, the Council has been awarded an overall 3. Previous inspections gave an overall 4. In the four areas the scores were as follows :-

Children's Services 3
Adult Services 2
Cultural Environment 4
Financial Services 3

Minorities/diversification apparently needs further development, and DCC has already postponed closure of some adult services in the County.


A) Applications received from WDDC/DCC.

1/D/08/000310 - Certificate of Lawfulness, 7A Crock Lane. Parish Council has not supplied additional information in writing.

1/D/07/002057 - erection of bungalow on land adjacent to 9 Mountjoy - Parish Council Recommends approval.

1/D/08/000366 - 18 North Hill Way - erect sunlounge - Parish Council recommends approval.

1/D/08/000166 - 18 South Lawns, Bridport - erection of shed + polytunnel. - Parish Council recommends approval.

B) Decisions by WDDC/DCC etc.

CA/08/00019 - prune tree, 4 The Green, Walditch. - no objections to proposals.

Graham Cox - Tree Inspection, Walditch - outline Report in e mail. * * - not shown at Meeting - now been forwarded to Del Davies.


Finance a) Statement of Account as at 29 February 2008 - 5984.23
b) Accounts for Payment

Less Outstanding Cheques:
928 Clerk's Expenses 35.64
929 Clerk's Salary 314.21
930 Bothenhampton Village Hall 6.00
All accounts listed were proposed for payment by David Stubbs and seconded by Audrey Pearson, carried by Parish Council.


10.1. Progress of John Gundry Play Area. Friends reported that Playdale had not contacted re final payments. Chairman requested that Clerk contact the company to ask that Parish Council are invoiced directly. Have applied for Grant from WDDC to level ground on site(N.B. Playdale contractors left ruts after erecting play equipment). Litterbin to be fitted by WDDC. Friends need to arrange for bin contents to be taken to roadway for collection.
Action - Clerk to contact Playdale.

10.2 John Holt Play Area - need for maintenance and further development.

Karl Wallace had a letter from a young Bothenhampton resident requesting refurbishment of goalposts and consideration of a skatepark area to be built. Parish Councillors proposed a debate to take place at the April Meeting - Site needs ivy to be cleared from dry stone walls.
Action - Clerk to notify interested parties re goalposts and skatepark, and invite them to next Meeting.

10.3 Public Consultation on an Extension to Bothenhampton Conservation Area.
Action - Parish Councillors informed of consultation period 6/5/08 - 30/6/08. Meeting at Bothenhampton Village Hall. Thursday 26th June 12.30 to 7 p.m.

10.4 Internal Audit 2007-08. Action - Parish Councillors were informed of estimated costs i.e. 110.00, to be carried out from 21/4/08.

10.5 West Dorset Spring Clean - Action - both villages have agreed to litter pick on Saturday 19/4/08.

10.6 Request for Grant to pay for door replacement at Bothenhampton Village Hall.
Action - referred to April Meeting.

10.7 New fingerpost sign for Hollow Way, Bothenhampton. Action - in progress.

10.8 Parish Councillors approved Clerks attendance at Seminar on 9th April 2008.
Action - Clerk to raise cheque for 30 at next Meeting.

10.9 John Holt Play Area - accepted estimate of 243.22 to clear walls of ivy and trim overhanging tree branches.
Howard Road - accepted estimate of 143.99 to clear around and repair fence at lower end of Valley View Amenity site.
Both estimates presented by David Landscapes. Parish Councillors also approved David Landscapes to be awarded the grass cutting contract to October 08.
Action - letter re contract to be written by Clerk.

10.10 Street Cleaning Schedules at Walditch.
Action - Clerk has written to WDDC to establish frequency of cleans

10.11 Drains in Hollow Way - Colin Sparkes expressed concerns about frequently blocked drains in Hollow Way and poor road condition.
Action - Clerk to contact Highways.

10.12 Cutting of Hollow Way Bank. Action - Clerk to contact Nick Leeming to enquire about frequency of cuts. Suggest 2 x hand cut.

10.13 Councillor Mark Roberts requested a list of Parish Councillors and for future minutes to be emailed.

10.14 Geoff Matthews - Need to review Planning Application procedure for Parish Council.
Action - Consider for April Meeting.


To be tabled as listed:-

11.1 DCC Bluetongue - News Release.
11.2 BLAP - Annual Assembly Thursday 13th March 6.30 to 8.30 p.m.
Action - Informed Parish Councillors.
11.3 Charles Street Project - Stage 3 Consultation.
11.4 First Dorset Credit Union - Thank you letter.
11.5 Celebrate St Georges Day.
11.6 DAPTC Chief Exec Newsletter
11.7 CPRE Litter Seminar Tuesday 22 April.
11.8 NALC - The Local Channel + Vision Websites.
11.9 Weldmar Hospicecare Trust.
11.10 Caring Matters - Admin Response to Karl.
11.11 New Forest Show dates 2008. 29th to 31st July.

The next Meeting will be held in Bothenhampton Village Hall on Monday 14th April 2008, commencing at 7.00 pm.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.05 p.m.


The landowners of the building plot adjacent to 9 Mountjoy stated their enthusiasm to build a 4 bedroom bungalow which would meet the needs of a large family. The new plans compiled with the Inspector's criteria and it was hoped the Parish Council would recommend approval of planning consent. Dave Bolton, who has a bungalow to the north of the plot at a lower level, 20 Mountjoy, agreed that the new plans were a considerable improvement to previous applications. He would still object, as the new property extended beyond the front building line by 2.5 M and by 2 M at the back. As the plot is on higher ground, it was also likely to be about 7 M above the next property down the hill, i.e. 20 Mountjoy. For Mr Bolton, there was every likelihood to experience a considerable light loss.

Del Davies reported that the crusher situated at Blueberry Hill Farm, had possibly been used by DCC or WDDC. County Councillor Ron Coatsworth agreed to investigate the matter.

West Dorset Services had attempted to clear the drains, notably adjacent to the Tennis Courts and the Village Green, with limited success as drainpipe lengths were inadequate for the volume of water. A full survey was needed and it was hoped that budget could be found in the near future. Action - Clerk to investigate.

Mr Blackmore mentioned that drains had been cleared last November but the silting up caused rapid blockage. He was also concerned that unsuitable for HGV signs had been removed and that a recent accident on the A35 had caused large vehicles to be diverted through Walditch. Width and condition of lanes was entirely unsuitable for large vehicles. Action - Clerk to request that Unsuitable for HGV signs are erected at Walditch junction with A35.

Robin Stapleton was most concerned that a large oak on Norman's ground has a food hopper under its canopy. Liquids from the cattle feed can be most damaging to oak roots and consequently could destroy a very mature beautiful tree.
Action - Clerk had received an email from Graham Cox. Apparently legal advice is being taken with regard to the oak. Need to speak with Graham to obtain legal view.