Minutes of the Bothenhampton and Walditch Parish Council Extraordinary Meeting held in Holy Trinity Church, Bothenhampton, for Monday 19th March at 7.00 p.m.

Matters Arising - Finance - It was proposed that creditors cheques due at the last Meeting date of 12 March 2007, when a quorum could not be reached, should be duly signed and distributed.

857 Bridport & District CAB 250.00
858 Clive's Handyman Services 26.21
859 Dorset County Council 3,268.38
(Replacement of 7 street lights at Manor Fields)
860 Forest & Tree Care Ltd. 376.00
861 Bothenhampton Village Hall 12.00
862 Clerk's Salary 314.21
862 Inland Revenue 88.62

All listed were proposed to be paid by Bob Dennis, seconded by David Stubbs.

Agenda. Parish Street Lighting.

Parish Councillors present:-

Alan Stenning, Geoff Matthews, Peggy England, David Stubbs, Bob Dennis. After considerable debate, there was a consensus of agreement to request a detailed estimate of the costs to upgrade the condition of the 31 units of Parish owned lighting in Bothenhampton. It was noted that 26 lamps are attached to poles, 2 are hockeystick style, 1 Aluminium, and 2 constructed of concrete. There was concern that a detailed quotation may greatly exceed the given estimate of 15,500.

It was proposed by Geoff that in principal, a detailed quotation to upgrade the condition of Parish owned Street lighting should be sought, seconded by David. All Parish Councillors present, namely Peggy England, Bob Dennis, and Alan Stenning, voted to support the motion.

The Clerk was instructed to write a letter outlining the proposals, and this letter to be approved in principal by Geoff before despatch.

Parish Councillors were most concerned re the implications for Precept and feel that further debate is needed, with correspondence to the Chief Executive of DCC requesting payment over a number of years, or complete waiver.

The Extraordinary Meeting closed at 8.00 p.m. Thanks to Holy Trinity, Bothenhampton, for providing a venue at such short notice.