MINUTES OF THE BOTHENHAMPTON & WALDITCH PARISH COUNCIL. MEETING HELD IN THE VILLAGE HALL, WALDITCH, ON MONDAY 14 JUNE 2010 at 7 p.m. Present: Karl Wallace(Chair), Robert Dennis(Vice Chair), Debbie Jack, Colin Sparkes, David Stubbs, & Elizabeth Welch - 6 Parish Councillors present. In attendance: Chris Dobbs (Clerk).


13.1 - To remind Parish Councillors of the need to make a Declaration of Interest on any Agenda items where personal or prejudicial interest may arise. E.g. This may be a Grant request for a Village Hall Project, or a Planning Application adjacent to a Parish Councillor's home.

13.2 - The Chairman, Karl Wallace, to withdraw from leading the PLANNING AGENDA, as he is a member of WDDC Development Control Committee, and this part of the Meeting is to be led by the Vice Chairman, or a Parish Councillor nominated by the Chairman.

13.3 - Parish Councillor Debbie Jack is presently working for DCC Planning - Regulation 3 + large School extensions/inc. farms & County owned buildings - this should not affect her giving a view on PC received WDDC/DCC Planning Applications.


14.1 There were apologies from - Audrey Pearson, Pennie Jones, Peter Tobutt, & David Tett.


The Minutes of the previous Meeting of Bothenhampton and Walditch Parish Council held on Monday 10 May 2010, were accepted as a true record of the Meeting and duly signed by the Chairman.


16.1 Numbering of Minutes from May 2010. Minutes to be numbered sequentially i.e. May - 1 to 12, June - 13 to 24, July - 25 to 36, August - 37 to 48, September - 49 to 60, October - 61 to 72 , November - 73 to 84 , December - no Meeting, January 2011 - 85 to 96, February - 97 to 108, March - 109 to 120, & April - 121 to 132 . This is following the advice of the Internal Auditor, and creates a unique set of Minutes for each month in the year. 16.1 Election of Vice Chairman(carried over from Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, 10 May 2010) - Bob Dennis was nominated by Elizabeth Welch, Seconded by Colin Sparkes, and carried by all Parish Councillors present. 16.3 Standing Orders - David Stubbs has reviewed the 2010 published Standing Orders, and will propose adoption by Bothenhampton & Walditch Parish Council at the July 2010 Meeting.


At 7.07 p.m. the Meeting was adjourned to enable members of the public to air their view on matters of local interest. At 7.25 p.m. the Meeting re-convened to complete the Council's agenda, there being no further matters raised.


David Tett had sent his apologies - Karl Wallace reported on the new Play Area at West Bay - joint venture by WDDC/DCC with design input by young people. There have been some concerns re Health & Safety, but the Area is being well used as a popular facility.


Mark Roberts - reported that at AGM of WDDC, Ron Coatsworth was re-elected Chairman.


Ron Coatsworth - Commented that under new Government cuts, the RSS have now gone & the DCC budget is now reduced by 7M pounds. Education is presently OK & Diploma Courses are remaining but not some academic courses. Sure Start is not affected for this year. The Helpline, Clarence, has now gone, and DCC now have a new number - 01305 for all enquiries regarding roads etc. The Waste Transfer Station is continuing to present problems in that much of the information regarding the various proposed sites was missing at the recent Town Hall Exhibition. Such lack of information made the details in the exhibition to not be definitive, and in the view of Ron Coatsworth was disgraceful at this stage of selecting of the most suitable site for Bridport and the surrounding villages. Ron suggested that the Parish Council pursue the definite need for a Pedestrian Crossing in Sea Road South, positioned between the road junctions of Maple Gardens & Hollow Way. Karl Wallace expressed his concern that the Temporary Planning Application for the present Waste Transfer Site in South Street may be Refused when it comes up for renewal in August 2010. This could necessitate Bridport residents having to use the WTS in Chard. Ron indicated that this was at present conjecture and suggested a need to wait and see.


a) Applications received from WDDC/DDC :-

1/D/10/000701 - Bonscombe Farm, Shipton Gorge - Two storey extension - Action - Corporate View of BWPC was to recommend an Objection to the Planning Application as the proposed plans are an over development of the site which is on top of a ridge.

1/D/09/001889 - Land to rear of 108-114 West Bay Road - Appeal for Outline Planning - APP/F1230/A/10/2127887/WF - to Meeting - Action - no comments to be sent to the Appeal Inspector.

1/D/10/000673 - Blackthorn Farm, Shipton Gorge - Retrospective Planning Application for completed structure - Action - While the Parish Council wished to support the view of Shipton Gorge PC, there was a Corporate View of Objection to Retrospective Planning.

1/D/10/000 - 7 & 7A Crock Lane - demolish existing properties , & build 2 bungalows - Action - Corporate View of BWPC was to recommend an Objection to the Planning Application as the proposed plans indicate a 2M higher roof line than existing, & there are no detailed drawings & dimensions.

TP/10/00139 - Wanderwell Farm House - to fell 1 Robinia - Action - confirmed that felling can be carried out.

1/D/100/000762 - Riddon Green, Westown - Replacement garage - nb - Colin Sparkes expressed an interest in the Application - Action - the Corporate View of the remaining members of the Parish Council was to recommend Approval of the Planning Application.

1/D/10/000845 - 45 Manor Fields - Replacement & additional cladding - Action - the Corporate View of BWPC was to recommend Approval of the Planning Application.

1/D/10/000916 - Blossoms, Quarry Lane - 2 storey extn. - to Colin Sparkes for presentation to July Meeting.

b) Decisions by WDDC/DCC etc.

DCC - PUBLIC NOTICE - DISABLED PARKING BAY OUTSIDE 90 -96 CROCK LANE, BRIDPORT - Order in operation from the 4 June 2010 - No Action needed -

CA/10/00097 - 3 Knapp Close, Walditch - to fell 1 Sycamore Tree - Action - Authorization given for work to be carried out.

1/D/10/000539 - 20 Uplands, Walditch - Action - Approval given.

1/D/10/000362 - 18 Valley Road, Bridport - Action - Approval given.

1/D/07/001382 - SEN School, Flood Lane, Bridport - Action - formal withdrawal of Planning Application for SEN School on Flood Lane site.

1/D/10/000645 - Stoneleigh, Walditch - Action - Refusal of Planning Permission.

1/D/10/000621 - 80 Crock Lane, Bridport - Action - Approval of Planning Application.

1/D/10/000723 - 14 North Hill Way - Action - Approval of Planning Application

1/D/10/000328 - 41 Pasture Way - Action - Refusal of Planning Permission.


Receipts - VAT Repayment - 22 May 2010 - 2588.78

i) Statement of Current Account as at 31 May 2010 - 14251.34

ii) Accounts for Payment

Less outstanding cheques as listed :

1090 - David Landscapes - 769.10

1091 - Aon Ltd - Annual Ins. Premium - 776.55

1092 - C T Dobbs - Clerk's Salary - 379.08

1093 - C T Dobbs - Clerk's Back Pay - 239.06

1094 - NILDRAM - Annual Broadband Fee 190.56

1095 - Bothenhampton Village Hall - 12.00

1096 - David Landscapes - 306.05

Total 2672.40

Balance 11578.94

Proposed for payment by Bob Dennis , seconded by David Stubbs, and carried by all Parish Councillors present.


n.b. All items to be introduced by Clerk unless specified on Agenda.

Parish Matters from the Floor of the last Meeting on the 10 May 2010 : -

23.1 - Lengthman's Scheme - update - Action - Person has been appointed and should be ready by early July 2010. Clerk will arrange meeting with BTC Clerk, Bob Gillis after Monday 5 July.

23.2 - Parish Plans for Bothenhampton & Walditch - Action - Journals to Elizabeth Welch - to consider review for new Plan at July 2010 Meeting.

23.3 - Risk Assessment Policy - to nominate a Parish Councillor to review present documentation & procedures - Action - Karl Wallace to consider present Policy document & Report to July Meeting.

23.4 - Amendments to the Annual Return for the year ended 31 March 2010 - The Annual Return was submitted on the 19/5/10 to BDO LLB, having been approved by the Internal Auditor, & BWPC - re Minute 11.1, dated 10/5/10. The Annual Return has been returned with a request to review the following points and amend the form as necessary.

1 Please change Box 9 for 2008/09 to 25,625 so that it agrees to the PY audited figures. Also please enter a value for the current year in Box 9.
2 The Internal Auditor has stated that a full, documented risk assessment was not carried out for the year ended 31 March 2010. Also a review of the performance and effectiveness of the internal auditor was also not completed during the year. Boxes 5 and 6 in section 2 should therefore be amended to 'no' (please note that this will result in a 'qualified' audit report being issued ).
3 From the information supplied we believe the figures for boxes 1 to 8 in Section 1 should be;
31 March 2009 31 March 2010

1 Balances brought forward 8047* 10872
2 (+) Annual precept 17483 17583
3 (+) Total other receipts 9515 2
4 (-) Staff Costs 5098 5453
5 (-) Loan interest/capital repayments 0 0
6 (-) Total other payments 19075 16033
7 (-) Balances brought forward 10872* 6971
8 Total cash & investments 10872 * 6971

Boxes to be amended *

The detailed reason for these changes will be explained at the Meeting, but generally as the Parish Council operate on a receipts and payments basis then only funds that enter and leave Bothenhampton & Walditch Parish Council(BWPC) bank account should be recorded. The Sundry Deposit/S106 money held on behalf of BWPC by West Dorset District Council( WDDC), has never been held by the Parish Council and therefore the previous figures need to be re-stated to exclude this balance from reserves.

Action - All amendments listed have been Authorized by BWPC, and have subsequently been carried out and initialled by the Clerk. 23.5 - Internal Audit 2010/2011 - to nominate a Parish Councillor to review the performance & effectiveness of the Internal Auditor - Action - Elizabeth Welch agreed to take on this task and set up an initial meeting with the Clerk in July 2010.

23.6 - Proposal of possible Waste Management Sites adjacent to Walditch - i.e. Lilac Farm & Green Lane Nursery - Action - After some considerable discussion, which included the following comments :- Main entrance to Bridport - too close to road - wrong place - inappropiate location - rural entrance to Town - impact on AONB - Debbie Jack agreed to write a response before Monday 5 July 2010, which could then be included at the next DCC Cabinet Meeting to discuss site selection.

Proposals for the Parish Matters Agenda of the July 2010 Meeting : -

Parish Council to consider the need for a Pedestrian Crossing on Sea Road South -

There were no further proposals for the Agenda of the July Meeting.

Already agreed items from the present Minutes are as follows :-

16. 3 - Standing Orders - Review led by David Stubbs.

23. 2 - Parish Plans - Elizabeth Welch to consider review of new Parish Plans.

23. 3 - Risk Assessment Policy - Karl Wallace to consider review.

23. 5 - Review the performance & effectiveness of Internal Auditor - Elizabeth Welch.

24. CORRESPONDENCE - to be tabled at Meeting.

24.1 - 30 mph Speed Limit - Walditch - Action - letter read to PC - low average speeds through Village do not require a Speed Indicator Device.

24.2 - Revision of BLAP - Action - Colin Sparkes & Karl Wallace are aware of revision procedures.

24.3 - DAPTC - Chief Executive's Circular 04/10 - No Action -

24.4 - Letter from Mr & Mrs DeGreef - No Action -

24.5 - Letter from Debbie Ward - Action - Clerk to contact Planning Enforcement Officer with copy of Debbie Ward`s Letter to MP.

24.6 - DAPTC - Code of Conduct- drop in - Action - PC informed of Meeting dates -
v24.7 - Walditch Sycamore Avenue - Action - Clerk advised to write to the Chief Executive of WDDC, David Clarke, to express PC`s concern regarding protracted lack of action -

24.8 - DCC - Fingerpost Survey - Action - to raise awareness of Project at July 2010 Meeting -

24.9 - Changes to PMU's - Action - new Scheme is scheduled to start in July 2010.

24.10 - DCTP Booking Form - Action - Clerk requested to attend next Seminar - Approved by PC -

24.11 - DCC Direct Number - 01305 221020 - Action - All Parish Councillors, and members of the public were given a new DCC Helpline Card.

The next Meeting will be held in Bothenhampton Village Hall on Monday 12 July 2010, commencing at 7 p.m.

There being no further business to discuss, the Meeting closed at 8.25 p.m.


Nb - These notes are attached to the Minutes of the Parish Council held on Monday 14 June 2010.

Roger Ffooks requested an update on the Lengthman's Scheme - he was advised that a person had been appointed and HR checks were presently being undertaken. The postholder should be ready for work in early July. Bob Gillis, Bridport Town Clerk, will set up a Meeting with the Parishes taking part, after Monday 5 July 2010. This is to look at the work schedules etc, and allocation of time.

Robin Stapleton reminded the Parish Council that despite all the requests for action, Walditch Sycamore Avenue is continuing to deteriate due to poor management practices by the landowner. He referred to his last letter to Graham Cox, Senior Trees & Woodlands Officer for WDDC, which describes in detail how the trees are subject to damage by cattle, and the poor quality of much of the Sycamore Avenue. He was advised by the Chair, Karl Wallace, to write to WDDC Chief Executive, David Clarke, to express his concern of no action. Mark Roberts asked for a copy to be sent to him of all correspondence to WDDC.

Robin also related that a recent Litter Pick resulted in a full bag of black plastic sillage bales coverings being collected from the storage area alongside Sycamore Avenue. He was advised to write to the landowner in the Autumn if the litter problem occurs again in the same area.

A resident noted that no members of the Action Group concerned about the proposed Bridport Waste Management Centre being considered at Lilac Farm & Green Lane Nursery, were present at the Meeting. He also mentioned that the drains in Walditch had been inspected & cleared on 10 June 2010, and requested an update on the Pelican Crossing in Sea Road South. The Clerk commented that he had spoken to a 'Connect Technician', who reported that no changes to the frequency of the Crossing had been made. There was some discussion giving different points of view regarding the need for continuous traffic flow particularly during holiday periods.

Robin Stapleton expressed very favourable comments about the improvements at Jellyfields LNR following the recent work being carried out at the site.