MINUTES OF THE BOTHENHAMPTON & WALDITCH PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD IN THE VILLAGE HALL, BOTHENHAMPTON ON MONDAY 13TH JUNE 2005. Present: Mr Stenning (Chair), Mr Matthews, Mrs England MBE, Mrs Regan, Mr Harrison. In attendance: D. R. Barnes (Clerk)


Mr Harrison, Mr Dennis


The minutes of the previous meeting held on 9th May 2005 having been circulated to all members were accepted as a true record of the meeting and duly signed.


Item 12 - Steps leading from raised pavement to road in Main Street Bothenhampton, these are still not fixed. The clerk is writing to DCC about this.


At 7.08pm the meeting was adjourned to enable members of the public to air their views on matters of local interest. At 7.16pm the meeting re-convened to complete the council's agenda, there being no further matters raised.


Mr Tett reported that a new scrutiny procedure is now in place at the district council. One of the first matters before the committee will be car parks within the area. As well as examining the efficiency and effectiveness of current arrangements, the council will be looking at ways of improving the service and considering the implications on council resources and the Council Tax payer. Regarding the proposed medical centre on land at West Allington a second application is being discussed again at the next planning committee meeting in July. Mr Tett reminded the meeting that the district council has already agreed in principle that a medical centre could be built there. Mr Tett tool a question from Mrs Regan on the subject of Bridport's parking problems generally, in light of Mr Harrison's comprehensive research into the matter. Mr Tett stated that Mr Harrison's report is being considered, along with other representations and opinions. He did reiterate that certain shops in the town centre do not have loading/unloading facilities at the rear of the premises, hence traffic congestion occurs. Mr Stenning suggested staggered loading/unloading times should be imposed; Mrs Regan that pedestrianisation should be considered. Mr Tett assured the meeting that the review is open to all practical suggestions.


As Mr Roberts was absent from the meeting no report was given.


Mr Coatsworth reported that, for the financial year to March 2005, the county council overspent its budget by only 0.05%. The Education Directorate has set up trial schemes in respect of extending school opening hours to 8am to 6pm. This has been difficult and take-up has been low. Teachers are not involved with the activities taking place before 9am or after 4pm, outside companies have been employed. Mr Coatsworth explained that social services for adults and children are now being run by two separate departments.


A] Applications received from WDDC/DCC:
1/W/05/000682 - Construct 145m of timber sleeper steps and 30m of gravelpath leading to Vodophone mast at Hyde Plantation, Walditch: No Comment.
1/W/05/000713 - 18 Crock Lane; Loft conversion: No Comment.
1/W/05/000753 - Cherry Tree, Duck Street, Bothenhampton: Erect two storey extension and detached garage; carry out alterations; Refusal recommended on grounds of height of chimney stack and its detrimental effect on a neighbouring property, questioned stability of ground beneath the gable end, proposed materials unsuitable for use in a Conservation Area and adjacent to neighbouring properties and overdevelopment, as the extension is twice the size of the building to which it would be added.
1/W/05/000892 - 29 Slades Green; Erect extensions and garden shed: passed to Mrs Regan for comment.
1/W/05/000936 - 61 Crock Lane: erect rear single storey extension: passed to Mr Stubbs for comment.
1/W/05/000784- 49 Burton Road: Erect two storey extension and carry out alterations (neighbouring parish consultation): passed to Mrs England for comment.
1/W/05/000376 - Ab Antiquo, Main Street Bothenhampton: Amended plans for replacing thatch/alterations: No Comment.
DCC: None.
B] Decisions by WDDC/DCC:
1/W/05/000388 - Cherry Tree, Duck Street, Bothenhampton: Erect extension and garage, carry out internal/external alterations:Permission refused.
1/W/05/000559 - Thatch Cottage, Quarry Lane: Erect garden room/study: Approval given.
1/W/05/000612 - Hyde Farmhouse, Walditch Road, Walditch: Erect single storey extension to form a car port, replace existing fenestation to the main building and infill replacement glazed timber screens: Listed Building approval given.
1/W/05/000576 Hyde Farmhouse, Walditch Road, Walditch: Erect single storey extension to form a car port, replace fenestation to the main building and infill replacement glazed timber screens: Listed Building Consent refused.
1/W/05/000675 - Hyde Farmhouse, Walditch Road, Walditch:Convert barn into unit of holiday accommodation: Approval given.
1/W/05/000674 - Hyde Farmhouse, Walditch Road, Walditch:Carry out internal & external alterations to convert barn into one unit of holiday accommodation: Listed building consent given.
1/W/05/000611 - Hyde Farmhouse, Walditch Road, Walditch: Erect single storey extension to form car port. Approval given.
1/W/05/000544- 6 Coopers Drive, Bridport: Erect conservatory: Approval given.
1/W/05/000637 - Orchard Cottage, Walditch Road, Walditch: Re-thatch roof and replace rafters(retrospective): Approval given.
1/W/05/000376 - Ab Antiquo, Main Street, Bothenhampton: Replace thatch & rafters, carry out internal alterations: Listed building consent approval given.
Trees - Cypress trees at Homecot, Main Street, Bothenhampton removal permitted.
DCC: None.


A] Statement of Account as at 31 May 2005.
The Clerk informed the meeting of the current position.
B] Accounts for Payment.
Clerk's salary (June)............256.36
David Landscapes (grass cutting)333.99

Bothenhampton Village Hall(hire)..............................24.00
Walditch Village Hall (grant).....................................103.65
West Dorset District Council(repayment of interest)...805.91
Mr Stenning proposed these accounts should be paid. This was seconded by Mr Matthews and approved by all of the other councillors.




Footpaths & Roads - Footpath 21 (part) Bothenhampton: The clerk informed the meeting that DCC intends to divert part of this path to avoid badger setts
DAPTC - The clerk referred to Chief Executive Circulars 08-05 & 09-05 and distributed the JUne 2005 Newsletter. Mrs England reported that at the last meeting of DAPTC, Quality Status was discussed. The clerk remindedMr Stenning that a new Chairmans' Seminar is being held on 21st July; Mr Stenning indicated that he might attend. It was noted that his expenses would be payable by the parish council.
Play Areas- Following a brief discussion in which alternative quotations for bench seats in the Walditch Village Play Area were scrutinised, Mrs Regan proposed that the quotation from Wickstead for 253 should be approved and that any table should be funded by the committee itself. This was seconded by Mr Matthews and agreed by all the other councillors. Mr Stenning will inform the committee of the decision.
Grants for Vital Villages Projects- It was noted that there are still not any applications received for passing to DCA. Mr Stenning will remind appropriate local organisations that a maximum of 2000 is available per village for projects contained within the Parish Plans.
Conservation and Open Spaces- Mr Matthews reported that, despite the coast being designated a 'World Heritage Site', this gives no protection to neighbouring inland areas, which is under heavy commercial and planning pressures. He believes that the local AONB officer is not objecting to development sufficiently and that parish consultation is too limited.
Jellyfields - Mr Matthews informed the meeting that nobody from the Walditch Residents Society has come forward to join the committee established for this area.
Bridport Environment Group - Mr Matthews proposed that the groups intention to raise funds by applying a nominal membership fee to the parish council should meet with its support. This was seconded by Mrs England and agreed by all the other councillors.


WDDC: Letter regarding an Open Day on 21 June to which all local people are invited. Various displays/information will be presented, e.g. planning leisure, recycling etc.
WDDC Planning Department & Technical Services newsletters.
DCC: 'Dorset's Vision for School Provision for the 21st Century'
Open Spaces Society: Annual Report & Accounts, newsletter and notice of AGM.
CPRE: 'Fieldwork' newsletter.
West Dorset Partnership: Community Plan 2004-05

The next meeting will be held in Bothenhampton Village Hall on Monday, July 11th 2005 at 7.00pm..

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 8.09pm.


1. Grass bank cutting: Hollow Way, Bothenhampton
2. Bothenhampton village sign
3. Disabled parking outside Walditch Church (not a parish council matter).