MINUTES OF THE BOTHENHAMPTON & WALDITCH PARISH COUNCIL. MEETING HELD IN THE VILLAGE HALL, BOTHENHAMPTON, ON MONDAY 8 February 2010 AT 7 P.M. Present: Robert Dennis(Vice Chair),Audrey Pearson, Pennie Jones, Colin Sparkes, David Stubbs & Elizabeth Welch.
In attendance: Chris Dobbs (Clerk).


94.1 To remind Parish Councillors of the need to make a Declaration of Interest on any Agenda items where personal or prejudicial interest may arise. E.g. This may be a Grant request for a Village Hall Project, or a Planning Application adjacent to a Parish Councillor's home.

94.2 The Chairman will withdraw from leading the PLANNING AGENDA, as he is a member of WDDC Development Control Committee, and this part of the Meeting is to be led by the Vice Chairman, or a Parish Councillor nominated by the Chairman.


95.1 There were apologies from - Debbie Jack, Peter Tobutt, David Tett, & Karl Wallace.


The Minutes of the previous Meeting of Bothenhampton and Walditch Parish Council held on Monday 11 January 2010, were accepted as a true record of the Meeting and duly signed by the Chairman.


97.1 Numbering of Minutes from May 2009. Minutes to be numbered sequentially i.e. May - 1 to 11, June - 12 to 22, July - 23 to 33, August - 34 to45, September - 46 to 57, October - 58 to 69, November - 70 to 81, January 2010 - 82 to 93, February 94 to 105,March 106 - 117 & April 118 - 129. This is following the advice of the Internal Auditor, and creates a unique set of Minutes for each month in the year.

97.2 - Jellyfields LNR - DCC Countryside Ranger, Lawrence Weston, to address the Parish Council - brought forward from Parish Matters - 104.4
Lawrence Weston has been in post as a DCC Countryside Ranger since August 2009, and with other colleagues was preparing a Service Level Agreement(SLA), for Jellyfields LNR. At present there is an awareness of S106 monies being available which is being matched by a DCC Countryside Grant. This would be on a 50% funding from each organization.
An Improvement project had already been initiated by some clearing work which has started with the help from local volunteers and others from Dorset Wildlife Trust. The intention was to make the site welcoming to all age groups, with the aim of preserving and encouraging wildlife to the local area. There are plans to improve the pond area and to encourage Schools to use the local site for educational purposes. The improvement plan would include making the pond more accessible and building a dipping platform in the near future. DCC Countryside Rangers are enthusiastic to enter into a SLA where they will be annually funded for the maintenance work carried out on both sites. Meadows could be cut in the Summer and the whole area opened up for working with the local community.
It is understood that the Countryside Rangers have not received any payments for work so far carried out at the site. When asked about the WDDC Officers dealing with Jellyfields, the names of Jonathan Smith & James Tawse were given. Lawrence was unable to pinpoint the origin of the name Jellyfields. Mention was also made of the legal obligation, i.e. the condition and inspection of trees/benches/fences/gates etc on the site. Colin Sparkes asked about the water attenuation pipes, as the leaf grills were blocked, also the problem of springs in the footpath area. He was assured that grill clearance had already taken place, and that any springs would be diverted from the main paths. It was noted that there is an Old People's Home locally, and it was hoped that residents could enjoy the Jellyfields site.
Roger Ffooks asked if a map or leaflets could be provided, and Pennie Jones asked about the facility of keeping in touch with the Rangers. Lawrence distributed cards to all members present at the end of the presentation.


At 7.25 p.m. the Meeting was adjourned to enable members of the public to air their view on matters of local interest. At 7.26 p.m. the Meeting re-convened to complete the Council's agenda, there being no further matters raised.


David Tett gave the following comments to the Meeting :-

1. Nothing much from West Dorset to report. For the past month I have been working on the South West Quadrant Planning Enquiry. Sadly, due to a legal technicality, it collapsed and the Appeal dismissed. Haywards are very annoyed and incensed not only over the decision itself, but by the objections to the Scheme received from their own Tenants. They are to rethink their strategy. However, at this point in time, there is no certainty that the Regeneration will go ahead which, if is the case, will have disastrous consequences for the Town and adjoining Parishes.
2. Regarding the two Town Roundabouts: A design brief for the landscaping of the East Road and Crown Roundabouts is now to be prepared and your Council will be kept in the picture over this. It seems at long last we are getting somewhere !
3. Proposed closing of East Street Toilets: This has been in the public domain for some considerable time and the decision taken by West Dorset to close the Toilets when a new toilet facility is constructed in the South Street Car Park. The proceeds, to arise from sale of the East Street Toilets, will fund the construction of the new Toilets.

To clarify the position with regard to the Town Hall toilets, it is a condition of the Lottery Grant for the regeneration of the Town Hall that these be closed. English Heritage would not otherwise have funded the scheme !


Mark Roberts commented on the closure of East Street Toilets and the new toilets in South Street. He emphasized that WDDC Council Tax would only increase by 1%, but this was only a small proportion of Council Tax, as the biggest proportion was set by DCC. A recent Place Survey, measuring public response to Council services, gave very favorable results for the Loders Ward of WDDC.
Regarding the Sycamore Avenue in Walditch, there were now firm plans to place Tree Preservation Orders on all the trees in the Avenue, and the Senior Tree Officer, Graham Cox, considered that Enforcement Orders should duly follow the TPO's.


Ron Coatsworth indicated that DCC Council Tax is likely to rise by 2.78%, which was below the Government ceiling of 2.3%. He commented that cash flow for this year was good, but had no idea for next year. The recent bad weather had caused havoc on most local roads, and the potholes were making it difficult for people to get around and were proving hazardous for motorists. There is an understandable backlog in repairs being carried out and the costs for the necessary work is very high.
There was a plan to ask Farmers to help with salt distribution on the roads, but the use of 'Red Diesel' which is used for all agriculture vehicles, was not permitted !

The Waste Transfer Station process continues with the 1st Stage being the identification of suitable sites. Stage 2 involves drawing up a short list, and Stage 3 is the final selection. Ron indicated that the Waste Transfer Site would not be in Bothenhampton.


a) Applications received from WDDC/DC :-

1/D/10/000010 - Butterfly Bungalow, Lake Lane, Bridport - External alterations to roof - to Audrey16/1/10 - Bob Dennis declared an interest and did not take part in the discussion - Audrey reported that there was no objections from neighbors, and the dormer windows would not overlook any properties - PC agreed to recommend Approval.

1/D/10/000063 - 36 Maple Gardens, Bridport - Single storey extension to rear of garage - to Bob 25/1/10 - PC agreed to recommend Approval.

CA/10/00033 - Church Hayes Bungalow - Fell 2 Cypress Trees - PC agreed for no comments to be sent.

CA/10/00030 - Holy Trinity, Bothenhampton - reduce Turkey Oak - Colin Sparkes declared an interest - PC agreed for no comments to be sent.

1/D/10/000093 - BP Garage - Illuminated & Non illuminated signs - Adjoining Parish - PC agreed to recommend Approval.

1/D/10/000098 - 17 - 19 Main Street - New Garden Room - Colin Sparkes to investigate and report to next Meeting - Corporate View not needed until 9/3/10.

b) Decisions by WDDC/DCC etc.

1/D/09/001840 - 34 Maple Gardens, Bridport - Single storey extension, new dormer window & internal alterations - Approval dated 5/1/10.

1/D/09/001829 - Ambrose Cottage, 66 Crock Lane, Bridport - new outbuilding - Refusal dated 11/1/10.

1/D/09/001950 - 17 Valley Road, Bridport - Demolish single storey rear extension & garage. New single storey extension - Approval dated 20/1/10.

1/D/09/001766 - Land adjacent Bridport Sewage Treatment Works, Burton Road, Burton - New Bridport Supply Depot, Wessex Water - Approval dated 22/1/10.

1/D/09/001766 - Land adjacent Bridport Sewage Treatment Works - Amended Plans - for your information - dated 21/1/10 - see notes - Clerk to e mail Planning Officer to recommend Warning Sign adjacent to 3 entrances to Burton Road.


Receipts - none

i) Statement of Current Account as at 31 January 2010 - 8265.86

ii) Accounts for Payment

Less outstanding cheques as listed :-
v 1063 David Landscapes 128.30
1064 Bothenhampton Brownies 150.00
1065 Green Tech Ltd(Grit Bin) 122.20
1066 C T Dobbs(expenses) 34.64
1067 C T Dobbs(salary) 379.08
Total 814.22
Balance 7451.64

Proposed for payment by Pennie Jones , seconded by David Stubbs, and carried by all Parish Councillors present.


n.b. All items to be introduced by Clerk unless specified on Agenda.

Reminded PC of Parish Matters Arising from last Meeting :-

Risk Assessment - Clerk to take documents to Austin, Whetham & Guest.
Safety Notices for Play Areas - Pennie Jones to Action.
John Holt Play Area - Clerk to Action Maintenance schedule.
Road Safety Officer to March Meeting - Clerk to Action.

104.1 - Review of Standing Orders - Clerk to report on publication of latest issue of Standing Orders - Action - to order 1 copy of the printed version from DAPTC

104.2 - Sycamore Avenue, Walditch - Review of developments - Action - as reported by District Councillor Mark Roberts, TPO's and Enforcement are imminent - Graham Cox requested to inform March Meeting of progress.

104.3 - Lengthman's Scheme - Clerk to report on Meeting with BTC Clerk - Action - Clerk informed Meeting that Peter Tobutt has presented his strong opposition to the Scheme, and that BTC would like a 6 month agreement but were not able to agree ' turn round time', for Lengthman's job schedules. Clerk also commented that 2000 was in the BWPC 2010/2011 Budget for the Scheme. PC decided, in the absence of 3 Parish Councillors, to consider their Corporate View at the March Meeting.

*104.4 - Jellyfields LNR - DCC Countryside Ranger, Lawrence Weston invited to speak at Meeting - *See previous notes in 97.2 of Matters Arising - Action - PC concluded that more information was needed re the implication of Jellyfields and Bothenhampton Quarries ownership being transferred to Parish Council - Clerk to inform WDDC that further consideration will be given to the matter at the March 2010 Meeting.

104.5 - Grit Bin provision - Clerk to update Meeting - Action - Clerk to contact DCC to arrange siting and filling of recently delivered Grit Bin.

104.6 - Highways Matters in Walditch - Peter Tobutt's meeting with DCC on 23/4/08 refers - carried forward from January Meeting - Action - Clerk reported that repairs at Walditch had been placed on DCC Highways Work Schedule, but due to the backlog and recent adverse weather conditions, no maintenance had been carried out - may be placed on the 2010/2011 work schedules - suggest that further enquiries are made in March 2010.

104.7 - Walditch Parish Notice Board - update from Clerk - Action - Repairs are presently being carried out, and should be completed in the next couple of weeks.

104.8 - Maintenance of Public Seats in Parish - requested by Colin Sparkes - Action - Colin agreed to carry out a survey of condition and maintenance needs of all the public seating in Bothenhampton & Walditch, but will wait for the better weather before carrying out the task.

104.9 - Report on Footpaths, to include request for extended handrail on footpath by Nordons - Audrey Pearson - Action - The DCC Rights of Way Officer, Gill Exton, has replied to Audrey, and has described that jobs requested are in a long list especially as there are so many footpaths in Dorset - Clerk to obtain footpath maps of Bothenhampton & Walditch for all Parish Councillors.

Parish Matters from the Floor - To be placed on the Agenda for the next Meeting.

There were no matters from the floor at this Meeting.

105. CORRESPONDENCE - to be tabled at Meeting.

105.1 - David Landscapes - letter of estimates to maintain and improve the John Gundry Play Area and Cemetery Field Hedge( on the car park side). Action - Estimates Approved - Contractor advised to carry out work and invoice as completed - total of 1257 to be claimed from S 106 monies for Walditch - 'Open Spaces'.
105.2 - CAB letter of thanks for Parish Council donation of 400.
105.3 - Dorset County Training Partnership - list of Courses for Spring 2010 - Action - Clerk to consider ' Clerks & Chairman', Wednesday 24 February 2010 - 20 per pair - 'Planning', Wednesday 3 March 1000 - 1600 - 30 - Finance, Thursday 18 March 1400 - 1600 - 15.
105.4 - DAPTC - Royal Garden Party - invitation for Chairman to apply - No Action.
105.5 - Internal Audit 2010/11 letter - Action - PC agreed to accept estimate as stated - 179.20.
105.6 - Letter from Bridport TLC - Action - to be considered at next Meeting.
105.7 - Bridport Local Area Partnership Information notes - Action - events listed at Meeting & events placed on Notice Board.
105.8 - Broadband provision in Dorset - Action - letter given to Pennie Jones.
105.9 - A Vision for West Dorset in 2026 - Action - Draft Community Plan Summary handed to each Parish Councillor present, Main Plan document to Clerk's Office.
105.10 - Connect Report A35 - Action - to be kept in Clerk's Office.
105.11 - NSPCC Helpline - Action - NSPCC Helpline Poster on Bothenhampton Village Hall internal Notice Board.
105.6 - WDDC Community Planning - Action - letter to Elizabeth Welch *- also need to forward WATAG Info. To Elizabeth.
The next Meeting will be held in Walditch Village Hall on Monday 8 March 2010 at7.00 p.m.

There being no further business to discuss, the Meeting closed at 8.40 p.m.


Nb - These notes are attached to the Minutes of the Parish Council held on Monday 8 February 2010.

No comments were made by the Public at the February 2010 Meeting.